Bad luck with girls?

Yeah, so I have like the worst track record with girls... I haven't really had a proper relationship before; and I often get led on and blown off by girls.

I play my cards right yet I just can't seem to win.

Like, in May I was chatting to a girl who I reallg got on with and we arranged to meet up.. I get dressed up nice and put on expensive aftershave just to meet her. An hour before we were supposed to meet she blows me off.

It happened threes times and on the third she just said "I really like you, but I just can't commit to anyone right now"

We haven't met, bc we met each other through Instagram, but she's a friend of a friend.

So we haven't spoke since, but she's like the third girl this year I've tried to date but something stops it from happening.

It's like I'm almost cursed or something.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You just had bad luck with a couple of girls but so what? Keep trying. You will eventually find someone who may be willing to date you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude, just keep on trying. I know it sucks, I've also had bad "luck" (don't believe in luck though) with finding a serious girlfriend, but you just gotta keep trying. There's one true fact, and that is if you don't try, you will get nothing.

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