Why would you add a girl you don't like?

Just to sum it up... I was romantically involved (not dating) this guy about a year ago. We went on maybe 2 dates but I don't even think he considered them dates. We hooked up a lot and had a ton of fun. I started acting weird (developed feelings) because I was new to relationships at the time and freaked him out so he stopped talking to me. I deleted him off everything and tried to forget. Its been a while and he randomly added me out of the blue. I'm in a relationship right now and he still isn't so I just thought it was weird... wasn't sure whether to accept because of our past and because I'm taken now but do you think the friend request was innocent? He doesn't seem like a player and is very laid back and friends with girls so I'm not sure..

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  • I think he felt like he did you wrong brushing you off. And is trying to make up for his own mistake. As many guys some times just make up their mind early that they dont want or deserve to have a girlfriend. Simply as they know they arnt responsible and respect themselves enough so they simply choose to go single.


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  • You said you had fun. He's been single awhile maybe he's pondering booty calls. By his response before I doubt its much deeper than that.


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  • Maybe just likes teasing girls.

    • What do you mean? He did it to be mean?

    • Anything that gives a guy boner some guys are like that.

  • You're over thinking it


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