I thought Things were okay, so what happened between me and him?

I was texting/ snapchatting this guy for three months, we didn't meet sooner because I moved cities. He was cute and charming so we finally met up last weekend. We vibed really well and we were obviously attracted to each other. One thing led to another and we sort of hooked up (oral sex). We didn't go all the way because I confessed to him that night that I was a virigin. He seemed surprised at first but said he didn't mind it. After that date, we kissed goodnight and I left. He didn't text me the next day until I texted him first that late afternoon after work. We texted but it wasn't the same, his texts were simple worded and not filled with character like before. I shrugged it off but it's been three days since that texting in which he didn't respond to my last text. Is he not into me anymore because of the hookup? In a way his nonchalant attitude sort of broke my heart... What should I do? Do I just move on? It sucks cause I liked him but I don't want to be someone's back up option...


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  • He lost interest. Cut off all contact and move on.


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  • It seems he doesn't like the fact that you're a virgin (which is the biggest load of bs I've heard in my life). I think he may have just been wanting a quick time with you (from your profile pic I can't blame him) and then cashed out because he realized you're a virgin and he didn't want to violate you.

    • What do you mean by my profile pic that you don't blame him?

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    • Oh I see, thanks for the clarification. What confuses me though is that he snapchatted me just now but it was something stupid as him opening up a wine bottle and that's it. So childish

    • You're right he's a child try meeting a real guy who like's you for who you are.

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