It makes me mad and bothers me that guys don't ever flirt with me?


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  • *Prepares to flirt with pink anon* Could it be you're so beautiful guys just don't think they have a chance?


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  • Flirting takes two people hun. If you want to get flirted with and it's not happening, take some initiative. It's not difficult.

    • Though it may be difficult for some guys to notice that you're flirting. *whistle*

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    • @AlwaysBelieving It really depends on the kind of guy you're trying to flirt with and where you are, but in any circumstance, flirting properly should make clear that you're interested. Body language, actual words. Physical and verbal innuendo. There's only so much a man can miss.

    • I guess a gal hasn't gotten to that point with me yet *shrugs*

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