He knows I like him but he keeps on mentioning other girls name infront of me?

I told him I like him. He never mention if he likes me back or what. Even after I confess to him he's being playful with me and sweet at times.

But there are times that he keeps on mentioning a girl name infront of me. Every time that he talks with our guy friend he keep on saying that he has a crush with this girl even though he knows I'm in a hearing distant. This always happen It always crushed me when I hear it. I never shows him that I'm jealous and hurt.

I don't know what to do. Should I just let him go or wait for something to happen?


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  • He definitely dropping hints he isn't interested in you, the fact he keeps mentioning this other girl when ever your around is a big hint. Another hint is he didn't even respond to your confession... I would dust your shoulders off and move on from this one.

  • Let him go, he knows you like him but he is mentioning girls names which means he isn't into you in a subtle way.

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