Have you ever gotten to know someone well through texting before the first date?

I decided to give online dating a try, I've had a few dates, but we didn't connect well. I decided to try emailing one more person but was ready to call it quits after that. Most don't respond, this was one of the few times I got a response.

We started messaging back and forth a lot, things seem to be connecting perfectly so within a day I asked her on a date. She accepted and also gave me her phone number. We both have busy jobs so the date was planned well in advance, which will be tonight. We still haven't met face to face.

For the entire day every day since then, we have been texting each other from waking until bedtime, never running out of things to talk about. This has never happened to me nor her she says. There are many times she will text me something right as I'm trying to text the exact same thing or am thinking it, our jokes are so similar it's crazy, and our beliefs in relationships.

as these days have gone by its shifted from small talk to more in depth texts, almost like we know each other. She is extremely excited about our date tonight. I've never seen this happen, seeming like we know each other so well before our first date. Has anyone ever had this happen successfully?


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  • Aside from Dating and Mating, and Getting to know Someone better at First with Talking and 'Texting before the first date,' when I had met a man who had Found me on Facebook back in 2011, Before I had Hopped a Board and Abroad to Meet and Greet him in Egypt, We not only Chatted through Messages on FB, but also on Skype, Where We had Got to Get Well Acquainted by doing Cam, along with His family.
    My Second trip over, we Ended up Tying the Knot, for with the First time around, things Went so Well that I got Back on, and even Resided there with him for Awhile after Getting married.
    Good luck on your 'First Date,' and with any Luck, More to come. xx

    • Turns out it was great, turned into a very long date, neither of us wanting to go. She even brought me a gift. All of the texting turned into a lot of talking. We have so much in common it's crazy. I finally kissed her at the end of the night, she obviously wanted it, turned into quite a few kisses back. Neither of us had had a date last so long. Called her the next night and we have scheduled another date. We both seem to be nuts over each other and excited to see where everything goes. She even suspended her profile on the dating site. We are both kind of amazed at how things are going.

    • Thank you for the Like. I am so Pleased and happy for you both, hun, and it appears that with all of this Texting and Talking, it paid off to a potential partnership now. Good luck, hun, and Best wishes for a Third Successful Long Date, for I know Seconds will be just as Long and Strong. xx

    • Thank you, hun, fore the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • Yes, usually when you get along on texts/ calls its waaaay better in person. If you can keep the conversation going and have similar humour then it isn't as awkward meeting in person. Hope you have a blast and good luck 👍🏾

  • I prefer texting for quite a few days before meeting up with someone. It gives me a feel for what I may be dealing with when we DO meet.

  • I talked to a guy for a month before meeting! We connected so well he asked me to be his girlfriend before we even met lol... after we met things only got better and now we are going 7 months!


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  • I've had 19 gfs long distance and close in the last 3 years

    I found all my long distance relationships better because there was less lust and desire for sex or anything

    Plus open communication, creative ways to show you care and there is better communication in long distance