Girls, How to get a girlfriend/wife?

Im 30 years old, have no options for sex or dates, no phone numbers, moved away from Ohio in hopes of women not saying i have a boyfriend or rejecting me, most my friends are married or dating someone, I've been left behind, and get more messages on dating sites deleted or blocked than i do from replies, am bald, work a job i hate, and constantly getting rejected after 5 mins talking to a girl which results in either a fake number, the girl flaking on me, or a number but no response, and ij counseling due to depression from lack of sex and dates. How am i suspose to be normal and ever date let alone have sex if im constantly rejected and hardly ever given a chance? Where are all the available single women and where are the nice taken ones who will be a wing girl with me and approach women with me? Why are women so picky and expect so much of me? What can i do to improve my odds? At this pt, I've lost hope in women and believe they dont understand just approaching is hard by itself. Anyway, any feedback or advice is appreciated.


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  • A few things.
    1. I get the feeling you are going after girls that are unobtainable you. Be realistic.

    2. Girls don't like guys who are always so down on themselves. Be confident. Like who you are.

    3. You need to get some hobbies so that you will be more interesting and to help with having things to talk to girls about.

    • I think im gonna give up on women. Apparently im not attractive enough to get a date, let alone get casual sex consistently. Im also afraid of rejection due to being turned down over 517 times, I've kept track of my rejections

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  • Don't focus too much on getting a girlfriend, focus on your happiness and your self esteem, make friends, make your friends happy, and go from there. Read some self help book on how to make friends, how to build your confidence

    • What do i do if im too mentally damaged from female rejection to ever have confidence? Right now i dont believe i am capable of getting and keeping a girl around. So im looking into ways to take my life. The dating world is messed up and I've never been a part of it long term. Im tired of people giving me advice and the turning around and refusing to me friends with me or go out with me. I've been rejected by over 500 women over the course of 3 years since i lost my virginity at 27, which really was a nightmare. I hope one day women change and stop doing and rejecting men out there like me. We need relationships and when we go without for months and years we dont feel like human beings. So im most likely gonna have to give up and retire from dating. Its sad and depressing out there. Texting and online dating have given women options and men depression and hardache. I pray that women realize all the damage and pain theyve caused me and a lot of men just trying to get a date and get married

  • I have previous styling/fashion experience, so it would help if you could show a pic so I could see exactly what the deal is appearance wise. However here are a few basic tips:
    1- Confidence is key
    even if your sad depressed you need to pretend to have confidence, I can't tell you the number of bad dates i've been on where the guys negative attitude and lack of confidence pretty much ruined the date.
    2-What's your job exactly? might not be that bad...
    even if you dont like it - is there something about it you like or that isn't that horrible. ie. I dont love my job but I get to do this and that which is nice.
    3- Have you ever done anything interesting? traveled? a cool hobby?

    • I have traveled to Cali and FL. I could send u a pic of me but dont know how to do it on here

    • ah ok thats a part of it thought, women care about looks, but personality is what makes them stay

    • Then apparently my personality sucks or im too serious for women to think im fun. I play beach vball but all of the beach vball women are taken at my age :(

  • First be comfortable with yourself and happy, then start introducing your self to cute girls where ever you are, the store, library. Here's a good pick up online I got from hitch limbo

    So when your at a store and a cute woman walks away from her basket, ask her where to find a product and if she gets an attitude she's probably not the best girl, but more than likely she'll say I don't work here, or does it look like I work here, and you'll say or sorry you just dress nice and start a conversation, but leave with her #...

    • Introducing myself isn't the problem, its finding interesting things to talk about that keep her around longer than 5 mins

    • When you meet a girl she knows why type talking to her o do finding something interesting persay really doesn't matter, ask her what she does for fun, and tell her about you, invite her oUT to eat... this is why dating is good, more woman will say yes to a date

    • Why you're talking to her so finding *