One year coming up but I dont know what to buy?

Our one year being togetherus coming uo next month, But im not sure what to get my boyfriend, we decided that we'd get some couple bracelets, but he also buying me jewelry, and such as a another I won't know about... He told me no tickets to concerts or sporting events... but Im not really sure what to get him any suggestions?


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  • I love scarves
    I can't speak for all guys but a hand knit scarf that I can wear so that I always have something to remind me of you would be a great gift

    but taking this a bit more vague maybe a car ornament or a cool pair of shoes

    if he smokes you could get him an engraved Zippo lighter

    something personal XD

  • Personally I prefer gifts that can't be bought, or something that is specific. For example I carved a wooden necklace for a girl the same necklace that is in a movie we watched.


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  • Would he wear a watch? How about taking him out to dinner? Or maybe a gift certificate for a nice massage or shave?