Is it okay to give the guy I'm seeing an "ultimatum"?

I really like this one guy (Max), and I know he likes me back. We've gone on two dates but haven't seen each other in a while, because he's always really busy. We text each other every day, but I'm starting to get impatient. One of my best friends (Mark) has been trying to get together with me for the longest time and keeps trying to hook up, but so far I've rejected him every time... even though he's insanely attractive and sweet. Is it okay to give Max an "ultimatum" as in: "I really like you, but I'm not going to wait around forever. If you're interested then great, but if not, there's someone else that would love to take your place." It really wouldn't be to make him jealous... I actually am attracted to Mark and can see there being something between us pretty soon... I just want to know where I stand with Max and am sick of waiting and him acting like he's such a catch.. I don't mean this arrogantly, but I could mention at least 8 guys that would kill to be in his place right now, and he'd be lucky to have me as well.


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  • Put like you worded it here andheshould cut you loose. I have some one I would love to take your place... What the hell is that? It makes it sound like a competition not an ultimatum

    • it's the truth though...
      but yeah i guess i could leave it out.

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    • ended up texting "look... i think you're great and all, but i have the feeling that you're not interested. if i'm wrong, you need to show a little more effort"
      .. hopefully it doesn't come off as crazy.

    • No , actually it isn't cutting any ties or anything ; it puts the ball in his court so to speak

  • Yes, totally!


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  • I think you should talk to Max, but don't phrase it like that. Just tell him you need someone who can give you more time and you are tired of this situation.