Goodbye to romance?

For the past 13 years, I have been struggling to find someone. I have tried online dating, asking them out upon meeting them, having a wingman, getting to know them first, a blind date, and the list keeps going. After getting another rejection, I feel like i have been a loser my whole life. I am 25, have a mediocre job, no car, working on my license, have a parent as a roommate and wasted 4 years on a degree that really hasn't been used since- about 3 years ago i graduated. I think my standards are not too high. I find tattoos and piercings to be quite attractive, have a preference for the woman to be between the age of 18 to 34, lean towards white women and I could really go further. Anyway, I feel like I have nothing to offer and my dream of having a wife and kids is out of reach. Should I just give up and accept that i am a perpetual bachelor or keep trying eventhough i have had no success at all and really feel like a loser?


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  • You're still young. You just haven't met anyone that you're compatible enough with for a long term relationship. Don't give up yet, you have time.


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  • I'm 26 and I too have no car, have both parents as roommates, and wasted five and a half years on a degree that isn't enough for me. And my job's not good enough for me either, hence why I'm getting a master's degree in a real field: cyber security.

    People tell me that the right one will come, but I doubt it at this point, since I live in South Florida, land of the retirees and third world immigrants.

    I myself don't like tattoos, piercings should be limited, I'll take ages 18 to 47, and only prefer white women myself.

    Life sucks, but it's what you make of it.


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  • If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten

  • Why the need to mention the race of the women you're attracted to?


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  • Until you get your finances in order, most girls are not going to want to date you.

  • go to craigslist

    you described half of the personal ads XD

    • that is just awful. craigslist is full of nothing more than people trying to steal your identity and the occasional person just wanting a romp on the sofa.

    • No the female personals if you're desperate enough actually have women who are tatted to he'll and back

    • I read them whenever I need a laugh XD

  • You go bro

  • Mate!!! Mate!! Mate!!

    Did you read what you have to offer!! Would you want to date you, based off what you described yourself having?

    This moment right here you've acknowledged how you are and what you have to offer. So congratulations, you're aware of your situation. This is a beautiful. Revelation because now, you know what you get to do? You get to begin a new path, fixing all those things you have listed.

    It's comes down to 3 simple paths to success man.

    - hygiene
    - body
    - mind

    - financial status
    -financial security

    - knowledge
    - knowing what to say & do
    - friendship status
    -social status

    These will be key factors in your success in life and with woman. There's of course a more detailed version of these. But this is the gist.