Guys!! Please explain texting habits?

Ok so my boyfriend is wonderful. But, he frustrates the living hell out of me sometimes. He will not text me back for hours sometimes, but will snapchat me and tag me in things. I know he's on his phone and can't help but feel like I'm being ignored. We're in an LDR and I feel like I overthink it. I know he sees a text and thinks he replies, but I still feel like if he is so in love with me he would be more attentive to it since I have brought it up before. Any advice? Am I just overthinking it way too much and should just be happy that he does get back to me eventually? I don't want to push him away.


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  • I don't text

  • he's pushing you away if even after you tell him your feelings he ignores them

    he obviously doesn't care like you think he does
    dump hin

    • but that's the thing, I have brought it up and he has gotten way better than he used to be. He says he really is trying.

    • then you need to decide whether or not to give him the benefit of the doubt

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  • You are being a little unreasonable if you expect him to keep texting you all the time. Not everyone likes doing that.