Should I text him? please help.

So this guy and were talking for a year (talking meaning we really liked each other) we'd talk almost every day and if we didn't talk for a while he'd call me. I was supposed to sleep over at his house one night, long story short he was high and kept calling me to ask me where I was and I told him I was waiting for him to call so I could go over to his house. my friend eventually called him and yelled at him and asked him if I was supposed to sleep over and why he isn't home etc and his answer to every question was I dunno. So I got fed up and took the phone and yelled at him and told him don't call me, text me or have any contact with me unless he's willing to make things work because I'm done trying. he said ok and hung up on me. Now I really miss him and I wish we had never stopped talking because I compare every guy I meet to him and I just want him to be my boyfriend. Should I text him and tell him I miss him?

i texted him saying I miss you and he replied "i thought you said don't talk to you again?"


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  • need to CALL him and ask him what the heck is going on! ask him if he is finally willing to make things work! and see where it goes from there, because I mean what are you suposed to do, how long has it been since then? and whatever has happened maybe he doesn't know how to talk to you at this point, maybe he isn't sure out to "make it work" remember you said he was HIGH...he wasn't thinking at all! so you can't take that for real...because he was freakin high! but the thing is...i would never date a guy that did stuff like that, and I assume that's one of the things you said when you said to make it work...what are you thinking about this?

    • Him smoking doesn't bother me because I do it too. when I say if he's willing to make it work, I meant for instance him not thinking about the things he does, like I told him a week in advance I was coming over and he knew, and he ended up at his cousins house getting high which means he didn't care that I was coming.

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    • CONGRATS!!!!! welll...wait, are you guys like on that level RIGHT before being bf/gf?

    • Yepp :)

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  • lol you yelled at him and took the phone go ahead and call him if you want he's probably waiting for you

    • But wouldn't he have called or something by now if he wanted to talk to me? it's been almost 3 weeks

    • Oh he hasn't called for 3weeks? maybe he thinks your mad at him cause you told him not to call right try texting him if he doesn't respond its probably over for now.

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  • omggg! why would you do that! WOW! and what did you say back? post the conv! keep us posted don't just leave us hanging!