Do you think the one I am searching for is out there and I will find her?

I am wanting a pretty woman 18 years or older (legal and ethical age) who has never had a boyfriend. Basically, she has never had her first love.

I want a woman who is
- loyal
- loving
- intensely crazy in love with me

She would be my everything

I want us to be each other's first loves

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You're not even really naming actual character traits! All you want is a girl to stroke your ego. So you can say you're her first and she only wants you. You didn't mention anything about her humor, intelligence, character, etc besides loyal and in love with you. All you want is your ego tended to. Gross. You aren't ready for a relationship.

    And by the way, it's possible to find a girl who is 18 or older and has never had a relationship but it's slightly rare. But it's pretty rare to meet an 18 + person who's never had feelings for someone before. So the reality of you finding a girl who's never liked someone is bleak. Sorry to crush your ego. You'd even be hard pressed to find 13 year olds who have never had a crush.

    • It is hard to say what I like in a woman until I meet her. Everyone is unique in their own way. There is a lot of subjectiveness.

      I do believe in chemistry when it comes to attraction. Sometimes, you can't quite pinpoint what is so attractive about a woman. But the attraction is there.

      I want a woman who has never really invested her heart into someone. A woman who has never had her first love.

      @cheergirl38139 has a lot of attractive qualities. She was a cheerleader. I am assuming she is fit and athletic looking. She is probably outgoing. Maybe bubbly. She may be a beautiful girl but I can't put a face to her really. She has never had a boyfriend and she goes to university in my hometown

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    • Like I said, it ultimately depend on the woman and how her traits make her uniquely attractive.

      It is a matter of does the personality seem to fit the person.

      A lot of it too is a chemistry thing.

      Looks aren't everything but it does play a role. It is a conjuction of looks, personality, and unique traits that determine attractiveness to me.

    • @CheerGirl38139

      It all started with me asking you out, and the hostility and agitation that you have for me grew from there.

      I really did wanted to take you out and treat you to a lunch. You have never met me in person so you dont know what potential I really have.

      But oh well... Another let down.

      There is more to my worries that you cannot understand. It is a perspective; a point of view. It is difficult to explain in a way others can comprehend it exactly the way I see it.

      I am trying to get my life together right now. That is why I am in medic school. But I am still missing that companionship in my life. It feels incomplete no matter how much I want to be happy alone.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I put "chances are slim" but not to discourage you from pursuing that girl.

    It's just that I had to date so many women to find one where the intense love for each other was mutual and seemingly ever-lasting.

    Almost always when such intense feelings involved, it was one-way (either me towards her, or her towards me).

    You'd have to be a pretty lucky bastard hitting jackpot to manage to find such a wonderful virgin girlfriend as your very first, and especially one who will fall for you so deeply when you have no experience yourself with relationships (they take practice to get really good at dealing with for most of us mortals).

    • If you're like a casa nova who can get women without any trouble, it might be easier. But that guy is usually experienced with women, not the type who never had one. But even then, the difficulty for the casa nova might not be finding women madly in love with him, but a woman he can madly fall in love with himself.

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    • This is the last thing I'm gonna say to you Hayden... you need to STOP obsessing about a girl having "never loved a boy before". If you don't, you're going to be miserable forever.

      Now... you already know that GaG removes your accounts every time you come back, for being a repeat and habitual offender.

      I decided to try to adress you today because I'm feeling benevolent. But if you EVER tag me again, or if I see you harassing any other females on here, I will freeze and report every account you make, including this one.

      Now, move along and try to cut back on your creepiness, or be gone.

      Do NOT tag me. Ever. 👋

    • @CheerGirl38139

      Will you at least let me ask you out one more time without you reporting me or filing reports on me? I will NEVER chase you down or anything like that. I will never hurt you nor ever want to. I promise.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Okay, you're asking for a lot. I mean it's good, you know what you want. But, you shouldn't be so picky, seriously. Yeah, I get it being each others' first love is deemed "special", but the thing about first love is that it doesn't always work out. Maybe you'll get lucky and actually find someone who hasn't had a boyfriend yet, but the chances are a little slim. I'm just saying, keep your options open ya know? And yes, it's definitely possible for you to find the one, everyone has the chance of finding that special someone. So, just be patient and I'm sure she'll be running to you.

  • You'll never find her 😂
    If you have conditions and high standards in love then you will never ever find her. I would never be your girlfriend since the moment I hear a condition. Without offending anyone

  • Dating someone and being in love are two different things my man.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think this is impossible , maybe only in rom coms. Real life doesn't work this way , the sooner you realize that the better for you.

  • Chances are slim

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