What is the reason why this girl is still contacting me and staring after she avoided me and shut me down when I texted her on the phone?

I've know a girl for 3 months
She would contact me 3-4 times a week
We would always say Hi to each other and she would at me.
She even offered to make me coffee and candy.

3 weeks ago on Thursday, we sat right next to each other and we had a 30 minute conversation

The next day, she gave me her personal cell phone number through asking to call her on the phone.

5 days later, I texted her phone saying Hi It's me, my name How is everything going?

3 hours 30 minutes later, she responded with Hi, everything is good. Thanks.
Is there something you need or want?

I responded with I'm just saying Hello and wanted to reach out to you.
She never responded to my text.

The next day, she completely avoided me
For 2 weeks, we didn't look at each other or contact each other

After 2 weeks,
She stepped out and I noticed somebody was looking at me from the other side of the floor but so I looked up and it was her looking at me

The next day she sent me a email saying Hi, Name with her message and ended the email with Thanks with her name.


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  • Why, just WHY did you wait for 5 days?
    She's probably interested and was looking foreword to you writing her, but you didn't for such a long time and now she wants to show you that she isn't that interested in you and that she doesn't care if you message her or if you Don't... Either you make an effort now or you leave it !

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Either way, she responded to my text in a way where nothing is going to happen now even though it was 5 days later.
      She completely shut me down and ignored my last text.

    • It couldve been a more welcoming text.
      It wouldve led me to apologize eventually.

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  • That's very mean of her. Ahh Girls...