Am I wrong here?

My boyfriend and I got into a disagreement and it became full blown argument. It started in his car and it continued to his house. I tried to stop it because his family was in the living room and they could hear us. But he kept going and we kept arguing upstairs in his room. He asks asking me to get out of his house and I do.

I gave my side of the issue in text the same night of the fight. He doesn't respond until the next night to tell me in one sentence that he didn't agree with me, but that he would leave it at that. I asked him that I wanted to talk on the issue and that he needed to man up to his wrongdoings. He said he was sorry for his behavior but he wasn't going to talk about it. I asked him again, and he tells me to shut the fuck up and how oh well too bad that he wasn't going to talk about it. Then he finally tells me that he was mad that I didn't like what he liked, so he thought it was enough to throw shade about my hearing impairment and my intelligence. He says that heshe immature, an asshole, etc all this shit as a way to make it an excuse for his behavior and gave me another half assed apology.

I told him I'm tired of him disrespecting me and him giving my half assed apologies. I asked him not to bother me anymore and I wished him a good night. He tells me to go fuck myself and that I argued for no reason and how he was going to turn off his phone and to go fuck myself (again).

Did I do anything wrong in wanting to communicate on the issue when all he does is push my feelings aside?

And mind you, I owned up to my bullshit and I acknowledged that I was wrong and that I was an asshole, too. He keeps hanging onto his pride and he won't acknowledge what he keeps doing is wrong. He keeps disrespecting me.


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  • he did not wanted to talk about it , he mentioned it several times that he dont wanna talk. He was rude and disrespectful but you should lay off and leave him be when he asked you to leave him alone Just my opinion..

    • In the initial texts I sent the night of the fight, I told him only to respond if he was no longer upset and willing to talk it out. I wanted to talk out his continuous disrespect and how he keeps insulting my hearing impairment, etc.

    • And as an fyi, he never asked for me to leave him alone. He was texting back, but he just kept telling me to shut the fuck up and that he wasn't going to say shit. At that point, he shouldn't of said anything.

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  • ... I told him I am tired of him disrespecting me and him giving my half assed apologies.
    It Obviously has been going on for some time now here, dear, where it has become this Full Circle Problem Pattern down a Path Of... Destruction. And unless Some sort of Compromise Comes around, and a little Less "Agree to Disagree," which gets out of Hand with this man, I am not seeing Anything good come out of this relationship of "He said, She said."
    Perhaps it is Time to Take a Break and do Some Serious Soul Searching. You Need to get Away from the Poison and Make him Realize that the Best from the Rest girl Who Would even put up with his Immature Antics and Disrespect, is Ready, Eddy, to Walk out his door.
    The Only thing you Have bee 'Wrong' on, is Always Being an Enabler for this Bag of Wind who always Feels he has To... Win.
    Good luck. xx

    • *Your last big fight in the ring, let's put it, goes way Beyond this... It's been going on and is not going to stop. There will always be a Three ring circus here with him as his own Referee with Thee and with You. xx

    • Well, if it helps to know he decided to break up with me, but I'm confusedoing. We had worst fights than this and managed to work it out. For whatever reason, he doesn't wanna talk. Plus, I knew he was trying to change but his actions now confuses me.

    • He is trying to perhaps Dangle his horse's ass carrot over your nose by making you walk the line with his threats.
      Call his bluff, do not back down on this clown. You need to stand your ground with him or forever hold your tongue in Misery. You frankly can d better, h esounds like h ehas issues. xx

  • He was out of line. He acted in a perfectly immature way and he didn't even want to communicate with you to patch things up. Instead he chose to start insulting you like an immature kid. I think your relationship is toxic and if I were in your position, I'd reconsider your relationship.

    • But I knew that he was trying to change. And we had worst fights. It's confusing me why this one is topping the cake. by the way, he decided to break up with me.

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