Getting extremely mixed signals. Does she like me? Any advice?

This is probably the most extreme case of "mixed signals" out there, so buckle your seat belts and please bear with me:

So I have a major crush on this girl. I've known her for 2 years. I've attempted to start a relationship with her several times, such as:

At the beginning of the year, I asked her to homecoming. She turned me down because someone had beaten me to it, but she said she would have happily gone with me if thw person hadn't asked already.

I asked her to prom later in the year, and she said no because she had a boyfriend and said that I should respect their relationship, but said she was still "flattered."

I asked her to hang out this summer, and since she doesn't have a boyfriend, she finally said yes. We had a good time and we seemed to enjoy each others company. However, I asked to hang out again, and asked her if it was a date or not. She dodged the question entirely and said she'll "figure it out." (I've also asked her to hang out four times since then, and each time she had a reason as to why she couldn't such as; celebrating a birthday, dog sitting, too much homework, etc.)

But, she shows signs of interest in me:
1. She playfully nudges me a lot.
2. I catch her glancing at me all the time out of the corner of my eye in class.
3. She constantly asks me about my crazy ex and whether or not we still talk. I, of course, tell her that we don't talk anymore.
4. She bites her lip and looks at my lips a lot.
5. She isn't afraid to make eye contact with me.
6. She is giggly around me and she genuinely smiles with teeth (she hardly ever smiles around other people, and when she tries, it's more of a fake smile with lips closed)


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  • Its hard to tell, it seems she's interested but she's not that into you if you get what I mean, dont waste time, man up and ask her, I know its very difficult, but ask her to be your girlfriend if she doesn't want just move on man, dont keep wondering.

    • I would do that, but she said she is taking a break from dating since she went through two break ups this year. I don't want to ask her and then get shot down, especially since I've spent two years trying to build intimacy with her. But, at the same time, I'm running out of time. What should I do if she says no? Moving on isn't exactly as easy as it sounds with this one...

    • If she said she is taking a break from dating then maybe she doesn't want, girls are complicated dude, I am afraid if u give it time another guy will steal her from you, moving on now is better than having expectations then getting disappointed, dont wait too long or you will fall in the friend zone, tell her you love her, its now or never, tell her you are ready to wait, if she says no to all of this, you will only hurt yourself, you will feel like crap for some time then you will get over her. but that is better than being optimistic for nothing.

    • listen another crucial point, I regret to tell you but I just noticed this, since she said NO 4 times when you asked her out, eh man...4 times? thats too much people say if she says no twice then she doesn't want, you're only 17 you have a lot of time to meet other girls, I dont think she's in love with you to be honest, no girl would say no 4 times to a person she loves, I dont know dude, you are the one who is gonna get hurt, dont invest in one girl, dont keep thinking about her, dont be too "available" just ask her directly, if she loves you she will agree, but since she said NO four times then I doubt it, I wish you the best.

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  • No pal, she is not attracted to you. She may be flirting with you, but I see no signs of her being interested in you.


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  • Ehhh could be friendzone, or she might not be physically attracted to you or something. It seems like she's not too sure herself.