Is this a good idea, or is an awful mistake?

I've been talking to this girl for the past month or so, and things have been great. We met through a mutual friend, who actually kind of introduced because of the fact that she knew we were both interested in the other; we went in knowing we like each other. Since meeting, we've been texting practically every day. Things were going really well (long messages, some flirting, etc.), but I feel like the conversation may've slightly plateaued a bit for her - her messages started becoming shorter, less involved, and more sporadic. After talking to several friends, I started wondering if she was maybe getting a little bored of the conversation and had come to the conclusion that she was in control of the situation, thus didn't need to put much effort or time into the conversation. My friends and several people on Reddit said that I should just quit texting her for now and let her text me first. I've followed their advice for roughly two days now, but I want some opinions; I'm hoping that I'm not making an incredibly stupid decision by listening to them. I really like this (a lot), but I don't really know what to do. Part of me wishes I could just be straight-forward with her, tell her how I feel about "us," and what I want out of this, but I don't think we're on that level just yet. I might be seeing her next weekend, so that might an option then. What do think I should do? Thanks.

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  • Text her about "us"
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  • Keep waiting for her to text first