My ex broke up with me and now he texted me on fb saying he thought we could be friends?

My ex broke up with me because "he wasn't ready for a relationship". Then he posted a picture on instagram with a girl I hate so I texted him that this for sure is the end and that he never text or calls me again and he said that he'll respect my wishes. Though after that he followed me on insta and added me on snapchat. I didn't except his request but my snapchat stories are public and he didn't know that so he thought that I did except it. But when he sent me a snap it said "pending" and ge thought that I deleted him, so he texted me on fb asking me about it and saying that he thought we could at least stay friends but that he was foolish to except that from an 18 year old girl (he's 24). I replyed that the way he treated me at the end was really rude and that I don't want to be friends with a person like that and he just answered "fine, bye" and then added "though If I were u I would't talk to me about being rude. But as I see it doesn't even matter anymore.. so whatever:) i'll always greet you when I see you.. good bye". I replyed "no do tell if u already started" and now he doesn't respond.
What does all of this mean?


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  • Basically he feels your rude as you didn't accept his request


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