Does he appreciate it?

So I have this boyfriend I've been dating for 9 months, and I never got the chance to give him anything since I didn't had any money, he left for 2 month course (he is an infantryman) and while he was gone I got a job and I saved money for a bracelet, it's from "El Camino Bracelets" you can check it out if you want, it's a bracelet that has what they called "steps" and they like hoops with the name of a country or a place, it's practically to remember where you have travelled. Anyways, I got this bracelet with Italy, Greece and California "steps" I gave it to him, he wore it the same day and that's it, he doesn't wear it and it makes me upset because he loves to travel and got this thing that I though he would appreciate, I know he does but my question is why he does t wear it? I didn't asked really, I'm afraid to and I overthink a lot. Or maybe you can tell me how to ask him? I get nervous when I talk about this stuff.


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  • Did he ever wear bracelets or a watch before?

    • He used to wear a watch, but not anymore

    • So he doesn't wear anything on his wrists?
      He's in the military, right? Is there a restriction on what he can or can't wear? Could that be why he no longer even wears a watch?

      Bracelets aren't the kind of thing every guy is comfortable wearing. I don't wear anything on my wrists. If I was given a bracelet by my girlfriend I would treasure it and maybe wear it on special occasions, but it's highly unlikely I would become a bracelet-wearer all of a sudden.

      Don't sweat it. I'm sure he treasures it and will keep it forever.
      In the future, keep it in mind to know what he likes before buying something because you think it will be nice. Don't take it the wrong way, you did a good job by showing him that you care about him and getting him something special. But for example, if he smokes cigarettes and carries a lighter all the time, then a nice lighter would be a gift you could expect him to carry often (unless he was afraid of losing it and saved it for special occasions). Make sense?

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  • Maybe he doesn't like wearing bracelets in general. Just because he refuses to wear it, it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't appreciate your gift.

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