Can someone explain these guys behavior?

I go on a lot of dates- usually the guys are jerks, sometimes they're ok. One thing I've noticed with some is that they can be really negative or draining- they do it on purpose b/c im a really positive person- rather than being friendly and positive towards me, they act really odd, strange and extremely draining or negative. Most do this on purpose with some extreme passive aggression theyre displaying towards me. Some are turned on yes but their reaction is like, really weird.

I just went on a date- the guy picked me up. He seemed nice and through text he was super friendly, nice etc. He was ok until we got to the place. In the restaurant- he was SO negative, draining, talking low and acting weird. He was sitting in the most annoying bizarre positions, his body hunched over, staring at me intensely analyzing me rudely, and he wasn't friendly or positve at ALL. Interaction with him was like talking to a rock. Its obvious too he was doing this in a calculating way- on purpose totally. He didn't want to be positive towards me at ALL. He wanted to be negative almost drain me. It was so bad at one pt i could barely even talk. He drained me so badly I had no energy to even converse. He was also crossing his arms intensely, we're at dinner. No human cud probably be in his presence the way he was posturing, talking, sitting. it was abnormal and draining on another level. At one pt he just crossed his legs in the oddest way and gave me this look of hate- like he was jealous. I am really pretty/sexy- you think they'd like that right? not really. I coudlnt be positive towards him b/c he was like draining the life out of me. I've learned guys who do this do it on purpose with this passive aggressive hatred. Its all done on purpose- they see a positive beautiful woman and think- let me take all that positive energy away...

any reason someone would want to drain their friendly and beautiful date, make them feel bad, bring them down, for no reason?

these guys literally have this extreme hatred for me- so I'm not sure how to react to them cuz i dont get it. After they've treated me in this passive aggressive disrespectful way they're ready to fight or harass me if i question their behavior. Like If I point out the obvious- they show their anger and hatred by getting angry aggressive or hostile towards me. Why all the hate and anger towards a nice female who is friendly and positive. i dont get it.
sadly this question attracts more nasty negative people, get lost u negative sociopathic freaks. Im looking for real advice from real people not demons online disguised as humans or mentally ill angry idiots on gag like the two ugly females below


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  • He just wasn't interested in you. Body language says volumes.

    • no- he was def attracted to me and im talking about an underlying jealousy. Its about a hatred insecurity and misogyny geez wtf...

    • I don't know what world you live in but any guy who'd be interested in a girl wouldn't act that way if he was interested in her OR trying to impress her. Just sayin'

    • men who are jealous or insecure when it comes to a woman aren't trying to impress her.. theyre hating on her the same way a jealous woman hates on another woman... i dont know what world u live in one where u have no experience.

  • to be honest it sounds like you are stuck up. you have high standards of yourself, so much so you barely gave this guy a chance. you talk about him judging you but all you were doing was judging him as you stated. he might of felt ill, had social anxiety, saw his ex... i am not trying to be nasty but i am just stating the truth. if you really want to know what was wrong with him, ASK him. if he doesn't respond, he obviously doesn't think you are as beautiful as you think you are.

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