How would a doctor feel about dating someone who smokes weed on a daily basis?

Not to brag but i'm a very attractive woman who is nice and friendly, a little shy and an introvert but alltogether warm and charming. I listen to old and classic rock and heavy metal, smoke about 20 cigs a day and also one or two joints per day. I work as a nurse. I have a crush on this doctor where i work and he pretty much already knows all of ny bad habits (drinking redbull every other morning, smoking a cig everytime i get of the train and am waiting for the bus etc.) and he still seems interested in me. He even pointed out that he notices everything about me (he also rides the bus to work) before i get changed in my all white uniform (i mostly wear black). But he doesn't know that i smoke pot. How do male doctors feel about women who smoke weed? Would they date her even though she smokes or is it a big turn-off?


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  • I'm a doctor so I think my answer is the one you're looking for. I would not date you. I don't want to come out as harsh but I did 4 years undergrad, 4 years med school, 5 years residency, and 2 years fellowship. I've been a urological surgeon for 8 years now and just took over as chief of urology in my hospital. In that time I learned a lot of medicine and though they may not tell you I know the harmful effects cigarettes, marijuana, redbull, etc. has on the body. I would not date you because I would not want to be pulled into your unpalatable lifestyle and ruin my own lifestyle.

    I truly apologize if I offended you.

    • That was the answer i was looking for, i guess. You did not offend me. Thank you

    • You're welcome

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  • All I can say is my brother, and most of his co-workers would never come near a female like that. At least not for something serious.

  • Smokers are a deal breaker for me. If I end up become a physician, that won't change.


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  • Whoa I don't know who you are but I'm literally the same person. I do drugs, smoke weed and cigarettes, and drink alcohol and I just got together with neurosurgeon at my hospital (I'm also nurse).
    Granted, I did promise to him that I was changing (which I am trying to do).

  • I'd say the cigarettes would be more of an off putter, they're worse for your health...

  • How are you in the medical field and still do such unhealthy things?

    • I was actually hoping for an answer not judgement. And the fact that i do all those things doesn't make me a bad nurse. I am aware of what those thing do to my health but still chose to do them. Just because i am helping sick people doesn't mean i don't do/am not allowed to do unhealthy things (i especially need energy because of my work hours and the exhaustion of my work and some stress-releavers are good if you ask me). Try doing my job and then you can judge

    • If you dont want judgement you shouldn't be on this site. Caffeine isn't a problem, but I shouldn't have to tell you what smoking does to you.