How can I meet cops to date?

My last attempt at a relationship with one was a failure since he was just looking for sex, so I really want to find another one to date and eventually be in a relationship with. It's always been a dream of mine lol. Where can I meet them other than the local police department?


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  • Go to a cop bar

  • Yea just swiftly walk by and look helpless, like a damsel in distress

    • funny XD but I'm being serious here.

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  • Why do you want to date a cop? I'm not judging, I'm actually asking because I want to hear your answers.

    • It's like guys wanting to bang nurses and maids.

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    • fantasy. My damn phone likes to correct words that aren't wrong...

    • It's more than just a sexual fantasy. I just enjoy the security and service that cops provide. I was even thrilled to have worked at a police department this summer as an intern where I met one that I became friendly with. Long story short, we stopped talking to each other because we both had different intentions. That was the closest I ever came to being with one. I would like another opportunity with another cop.

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