Shall I ignore him too or message him back?

So the guy I'm talking to is on holiday. Not only has he uploaded pictures of him with him arm around some other girl (I don't know if she's his family or friend or whatever) , he's been ignoring some of my messages.
he's coming back from his holiday tomorrow and he just messaged me now asking "what's up?".
I find it unfair that he's been ignoring my messages but on Whatsapp various times throughout the day.
Shall I ignore him or might he have a reason as to why he's been like this?
I've been making excuses for him that he's on holiday and might not have time to reply but even when I was away I still managed to find the time.
Why does he act like this? Is it a guy thing so that he always has the ball in his court or what? Please someone explain I'm so confused by the way guys behave


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  • my boyfriend does that and he only lives an hour away I'll message him and he either won't reply or sometimes won't reply for days and when he does reply it's to tell me he has been busy yet I'll see him online on whatsapp just the other day i told him I was upset didn't hear from him for a few days


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  • When my boyfriend goes on holiday we don't talk as much as we would when he's here with me. I don't take it personally at all because I know he's away to spend time with his family or to just be alone. If I were you, I'd message him back and see how it goes.

  • Usually if a guy is interested in a girl, he is eager to hear from her.

    This depends on how often or how quick his responses were with you as well. Does he generally take time to respond or it just started when he started his holiday?

    If you like him, you can act as if you didn't even notice his absence but this really depends.

  • I think you should let him be. Only reply if he puts in the effort. Don't message first. He'll reach out if he's really interested.

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