Should I ask him if he still want to talk?

I went on a first date with this guy, and we seem to get along really well we share lots of thing in common. we went for dinner and drinks and then back to my place. we had some talk he asked about when was the last time i have a boyfriend and how i broke up with my ex. and he also told me about his.
we made out and he said you are like a girl i just order as you tick all the boxes. but i would want him to tell me if that the case and then i'd be totally understand. I told him that I don't do hook-up in case if that what he is looking for. he told me no we definitely going to meet again. he stayed until 4 in the morning and after he just left he texted me "sweet dreams, Thanks for tonight I had fun x"

then he didn't text me the next day (sat) which he told me he was going to do some wake board with his friends and then drinks after. I texted him today (sun) and it took him 6 hrs to reply back said that he sorry he is with his friend yesterday and now trying to recovering. and i tried to make a conversation and he just gave me short answers. and told me again that thanks for Friday night and for showing him the new cool places.

Is he still interested? Should i just ask him directly?


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  • Sssslllllllowwwww down. He took you out Friday, risk you he's be out of pocket Saturday and is recovering from being out all night so he's not in the mood to talk and you think he's not interested? If you text and ask him that you'll MAKE him not interested. Give him space - he's already told you he's recovering - and catch back up with him later. Dont come across as needy and desperate because guys can't stand that

    • Yeah thanks! i think i'm being abit too much on that. he just texted me said that he's tired.

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  • You are not giving him space. You went out on Friday, also why do you expect him to text you all the time? You really need to chill.


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  • keep it going don't let one weekend destroy what may be a good thing.

    • you mean i should just wait for him to text me... I guess i'll do that.
      i don't usually being that much concern for the first date but this guy seems promising.

    • Not necessarily... wait just Dont give up on it maybe wait for him or give him another text in a few days and you reach out.

    • Yeah I'll wait for couples day. Thanks!
      I think he might be interested or else he wouldn't text me after right away

  • its just your choice do what ever your want coz its your future


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