My Crush how to know if he has feelings for me?

how to know if the guy you like is also has the same feelings?


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  • Well there are many different ways.
    I would say that if you would tell me how he acts around you I could give you an analysis and my opinion about that.
    If you would like to know the signs of guys liking girls you can literally write in google : "How to know if a guy likes a girl?" (And the opposite ;) ) and then you could try to analyse the situation yourself.
    If you do go for my first suggestion just comment and I will analyse.
    Hope I helped! :)

    • i already search it on google but i prefer the guys opinion here :-)

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    • Its hard to tell if he likes you or just being a good friend,
      I would say that if he talks to you and looks at you a lot he likes you too.
      Hope I helped! :)

    • yeah thats why i don't want to assume. ill take it as inspiration to motivate me at school :-) anyways thank you for the advice :-)

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  • I would ask him or tell him you have feelings for him and if he feels the same way. It is better to know then wonder for awhile. You will create fantascies and scenarios of you and him and then one day you will find out he doesn't feel the same way. Save as much heartache as you can.

    • thank you for your advice but what if you tell him and he will take advantage to it?

    • He is an ass if he does that. Be very cautious though guys tend to use girls and take advantage of if they know the girl likes him. I was almost used for sex with a guy I've liked. I said no and called me a rude name. I think he knew i still liked him. Action speaks louder than words and if he somehow shows he truly cares then you can be less cautious.

    • thank you soo much! :-) i will take that in mind thank you :-)

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