Men are confusing...Guys/Girls.. I need your help!!

I hope you can help me! any advice/opinions are fantastic.

Met this guy about a year ago but only starting talking properly for the last 7 months.

We've talked, well I've said I want a relationship with him...

He replied "he would like a job before he settles down"

What is this with me ?! not making it very clear.

My sister asked him the other week behind my back! honestly..

"are you going to start seeing my sister"

he replied "maybe,maybe not"

EH? what is this suppose to mean?

I really like this guy, would even go so far to say I'm falling for him BIG.

What should I do now?

Thanks again.


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  • He probably doesn't want to look like a bum, I've stopped looking for a Girlfriend until I get a job.

    • To be honest if he was a tramp, I wouldn't care.. well aslong as he smelt nice :) I like men to smell nice..

      anyways, Thanks for your comment! :)

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  • uh oh, well he may like you but I'd say he (and I don't have much material) is that he doesn't liek you nearly as much as you like him. But he could be playing hard to get (although I highly doubt it). I'd say let a little more time pass and see what happens, and for your sake it might be a little to early to start falling for him, it not worth getting badly hurt this ealry.

    • Thank for comment, well answering my question.

      I think I'l go with leaving it abit longer.

      I just wish he would tell me, I don't bite, well. :)

    • Haha oh boy!

  • sounds to me like the guy is trying to let you down softly. if you tell him that you want a relationship and he doesn't scream yes at the top of the lungs, then you can take that as a no. sorry for the bad news!

    • Thanks :) I would love to kill you for that comment, but it might be true, and there's nothing I can do about it.

  • Guys make all sorts of excuses, if he is not earning anything hard to get into a relatoinship, financially etc, or their could be other things, If you really like him spend time with him, etc, sounds like he has personal problems...

    • Thanks for your answer 8-)

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  • I don't know you, and I don't know the guy, so it's hard to say. But I do know that girls usually fall for guys a lot faster. So you might want to slowww down. Since you're under 18 I'm going to assume he's young, and young guys don't really know what they want. I'd wait a little bit, but don't dwell on it.

    • Thanks for your help. :D

      well I'm 18 sooon and he's 22.

      Yeah I'm young but I'm mature for my age. :)

      I think I'l just see what happens, exactly no point in dwelling on it! :)

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    • Go obses over guys, I am just distinguishing between PERSEVERATIUNG over what is known, & trying to com[rehend someting that is not clear.

      Lots of times when it is said someone is overanalyzing they are thinking of things either not understood by others or not favored- if someone does not FEEL like talking or thinking about something, they will accuse someone else of overanalyzing

      They will neither talk on subject of the 'overanalyzer' nor explain HOW WHY or in WHAT way it is over analyzing*

    • Yeah I understand the part where your saying men are clever, they know what they're doing. Of course they do!

      But if you think about it, nothing with men is ever clear? you always hear stories like this.

      All I really want to know is the "maybe,maybe not" part of it.. I mean that's what's got me overanalyzing until it hurts. I don't know if he's playing hard to get, or still making up his mind. I just don't want to wait around, maybe because I don't want to get hurt, Thanks for your help :D