Girls, Everything was great, then what happened?

I met this girl and been talking to this her for the last week and its been great. We've talked every day and hungout on Saturday. We kissed at the end of the night. It was kinda funny my hat hit her when we kissed but we lauged at it. I told her i really want to see her and again and she said the same.

The next day i texted her and asked her how she was feeling (she was saying how she wasn't feeling to good the night before). Then she started being short with me. So i just went about my business and stopped txting her.

I don't know if she just wants space or whatever which is cool but i have a weird feeling. Am i over reacting? Why all the sudden is there this distance?


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  • Im afraid she might not me so interested, maybe stop contacting for a couple days to see if she looks for you and if not, I guess there is not much left but to move on :/

    • but yeah, it is weird since it seems you both liked each other.

    • Yea it is, even a friend of hers told me she talks about me a lot lol. I dont see why she would just lose interest all the sudden.

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  • She is really busy or have to think things through.