How to talk to my ex for the first time after breaking up?

Me and my ex broke up a week ago, but we never normally talked about it in person. So he suggested we meet and talk about it like two adults. He has some things to say and so do I. Anyways I agreed but the thing is that I want him to realize that he really did hurt me and I want him to feel bad but at the same time I don't want to appear voulnarble or too "cold" like I don't care anymore. I just want him to regret how he treated me and I want him to understand that we won't be friends after this. So how should I talk and how should I act? I have no idea. I want him to regret loosing me, because I really was the best thing that happened to him.
Also two days from now I'm traveling abroad for 7 days. Should I meet with him tomorrow or the day after? Or when I come back from my trip?


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  • Go after your trip. You'll feel better and generally people look better after holidays as theyre more relaxed

    • so u think that I should talk to him?

    • Yeh, everyone needs closure and you'll regret it if you dont

    • Thank you:)

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  • What you're wanting is the typical bitchcraft tactic called a guilt trip. Forget it it won't work you will not get satisfaction and this is very immature of you. Just suck it up you're not the only one on this planet that's been hurt in a relationship. Walk away and get over it. Don't have the talk


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