Is it true that a ex may 1 day regret leaving you? or is that saying a lie? ?

I find that 90% of ex's won't even think of you unless the new guy or girl dumps them. like with a friend of mine his ex left him for someone else and wouldn't even speak to him till the new guy cheated on her them dumped her. She still treats my friend like shit and he says she will 1 day regret it all when he finds someone new and his life turns around for the better.


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  • Depends on the reason why the person left. If her reasons were dumb and something not rationally thought of (e. g., busy schedule, got bored and found someone else to short-time flirt with, temporary anger, etc.), she probably might regret her decision to leave you when she realizes how awful her reasons are. But if she comes up with the decision to break up because her partner cheated on her, does drugs, abused her (basically all the deal-breakers for me lol)

    • .. then it's more likely than not that she's not gonna regret every single bit of her decision.

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    • If your friend had been a good boyfriend and if this guy she left him for screws her up, she'll probably regret dumping him. But whether she'll regret it or not doesn't matter anyway, does it?

    • It does not and her new boyfriend cheated then left he's talking to his ex girlfriend agin now. and my ex girlfriend parents forced us apart then she find someome new still with him too auh 25 will make jt 2 years

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  • Honestly it depends on the person. Not every ex will one day regret dumping you but it does happen. I have had a couple exes tell me months or years later tell me they should have never dumped me but too little too late. The way I see it, if you were a fantastic partner and got dumped chances are high that the person will one day miss you and regret dumping you.

    • For my friend he was a ok boyfriend too his girlfriend but not anywhere near perfect. As for me I don't know her parents broke us up and even through am not her first boyfriend idid more ffor her then any other guy she ever dated.. expected for the guy she dating known since his family has more money then minem

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