He was 27, I was 16, what should I do?

So I met this really attractive man while working as a cashier and he had given me his number. I was 16 at the time, he was 27. Our relationship grew sexual and now I'm starting to wonder if I should break things off due to the fact we are both in very different stages in life, he would like to start a family and I am just beginning college. What do you think? I really am interested in him but I have never really been with anyone else

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  • Pedophile


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  • Well first thing you got to do is have a long hard talk with him regarding your feelings and see where you're both at, if you think you're on completely different pages and neither of you is willing to compromise, then yeah it might be time to break it off. If you love each other, maybe you can somehow work it out.

    On a side note, Who is that in your pic, my god! 😍


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  • He's too old, he shouldn't even be messing around with girls that age.

  • I think he's too old for you. By the way, if that's you in your picture, you're very pretty!