Is this guy in interested in on drugs?

So I've been trying to meet this guy online. He is in a band. He isn't like mr rock god or whatever you have in mind about guys in bands. He's 27. He's really dedicated to his music. It has been the most difficult thing, trying to meet him... Especially since I'm a hot 22 year old. I've always gotten any guy I ever wanted (just sayin...)
He goes MIA randomly whenever I try to meet him, and recently he has really started to ignore me. For awhile we had convos that lasted all night long, 8+ hours, we got along very well. He even suggested meeting. Then he just backed off. And I brought it up, meeting, and he blew me off. I noticed online he was telling someone that he spends a lot of his money on drugs.. And then he was talking about how they found a crack pipe in their car. Also, their music is drug related. I know he loves weed.. But weed isn't that expensive and it seems like something more. What do you guys think? Would usage of drugs cause him to act this way towards me? So hot and cold? He also never sleeps. Like I hardly sleep, but he really is online on fb all the time. He sleeps maybe an hour or 2.

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  • Yes, yes, and yes! If drugs are not your thing (hopefully they aren't), then I would suggest just letting him go. The one downside to musicians is that they all seem to love drugs. I don't know why that, but that has been my experience.

    • I only like weed, and I was led to beleive he loved weed only too... But it isn't looking that way. It does seem logical right? I'm not making this up to serve as some other reason than he may not just be into me? I mean, he'll be really into me one day and then the next be gone. And he does keep talking on his Facebook band page about drugs... Even their music. Would him using drugs often make him behave this way with me or would guys using drugs not be hot and cold if they like a girl?

    • I'd say it's a good chance it is the drugs.

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  • let him go he's not worth your time there's non-drug doing men out there who will probably treat you much better then this "hot and cold"


What Girls Said 1

  • Most likely a catfish and on drugs. If you can get any guy you want why would you want an immature druggie? I dont get it

    • I don't either. I really don't. Why do I desire him so much? I have not a clue. It's dumb.

    • I would find someone of your caliber and ditch him

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