Girls, I really like this girl need advice! pls read its short?

I've never met this girl yet but we chatted on social media but things got bad and long story short, we both were interested at different times she even wanted to follow me on IG but i ended up losing my cool (rejected her request after cussing her out), hurting her feelings calling her attention whore and showing an unattractive side. ok it was because she asked me to see naked... and took it as disrespect (i work out and my face is maybe a 7 or 8 ) so i punked her. she is a gorgeous 23 yr old mexican and has thousands of followers

that was 6 months ago and we party in similar areas.

i still find myself being infatuated with her. I know i m gonna run into her as there's this huge electro parties going on...

if i run into her, i m gonna walk up to her smiling lightly, slow, and grab her hips, pause at her eyes and kiss her.

seriously, how would you feel as a hot university party girl?(who has her head straight though)

this is probably the ballsiest game i ran on a girl but i really wanna see if we can match.

will the concept of 3 praises per criticism from human resources class work in this situation? lol

but i need serious advice. virgins, whitenights, feminists, and inexperienced peopel in general can pass no offence.

how would you feel as the other girl?

oh and she's 23 in university and i m 32 grinding to relax in my 40s/50s.


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  • i would tell u go fuck urself

  • Probably annoyed. You've upset her yet expect to just go kiss her without making up first?

    • thres no making up. the kissing speaks for itself. making up, causing attraction through letting her know how brave i m...

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    • It could put her off you though if your that forceful...

    • What do u suggest? Let me see if it's better than mine lol