Girls, Girl Blocked me after months of trying to make moves?

Girl caught my eye we on way home everyday. she noticed and started flirting back i. e. looking me up and down, watching me , staring from a distance, copying me, dressing up etc. then I started to disappear for a few weeks and she seemed surprised to see me.

So every time I I would see her she would always stare or look at me like she bloody loved me. an other times look anxious or frustrated if I didn't make a move such as breathing deeply and looking at me.

So after a while she still remembered me and started purposely walking past me smiling or sticking her named travel card in my face. after each time I disappeared for a few months it got more and more till she walked past blushing and smiling saying hi after staring at me the whole trip. I never spoke to her !.

So i came back and seen her with a guy. she looked embarrassed/red and avoided looking at me. so I commented on her fb picture and liked her pictures without adding her for a laugh. the day after she stared at me with a smile. I ignored as her boyfriend seen me when he met her. they appeared on the same carriage she stood closure to me with a huge smile staring into my eyes as she checked her wasn't looking. I didn't smile back and she turned around slowly licking and biting her lips etc..

So when i got off after her boyfriend looking weird. she sent me a message saying to not approach like it was all me lol and saying her boyfriend is aware. i ignored she blocked me after ignoring her. 3 days later I explained myself. why i hadst gone up to her previously and noticed her and disappeared because of work. i said I won't approach n hope maybe in the future we can actually get to know each other if she wants. - she didn't block me. seen her 3 weeks later she looked red and frustrated and depressed resting head on window checking to see if I had got off at me stop.(Weird right )? so for a laugh 1 week after i liked her posts on linked in she blocked me lol!

Ok so I confused by the making moves on me for so long. then looking pleased I complimented her but then blocked me. after my message she didn't block me but as soon as I liked her posts gain messing around she blocked me lol. is she creeped out? why does she look at me in sad ways when she sees me talking to herself. I dont understand this cannot go on lol


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  • She could just be this Flirt in a Skirt, but One thing I know, and you do as Well, I can Tell... Her Boyfriend.
    She probably has Figured that even on Facebook, things have Gotten out of Hand and her own Man... Has told her to Block you.
    Move on. She is taken. Be careful Who you Wear your Heart on your Sleeve for, just in Case she has Another... Two Face.
    Good luck, @Keiran1995 xx

  • She lost interest