Was I wrong for telling her I can't hang out anymore to get over her?

Fell in love with my best friend, couple months later she doesn't want anything and she's set on it, so I'm trying to move on

We're both 19 by the way.

Okay so she texted me asking why I never ask her to hang out anymore. and i told her I do miss her, a lot, but I think it's best if we dont hang out anymore. and i told her it's because it's impossible to get over someone if you're still hanging with them, but she can still feel free to text me if she wants to talk or if she needs anything. she is still my best friend after all!

she claims "if you genuinely liked me as you said or cared about me, you'd do anything to make me happy. I'd hang with Bob and as long as he's happy, it doesn't matter if i gained or lose feelings" (Bob is her first serious boyfriend she's still friends with. Bob has had a new girlfriend for the past 6 months)

I personally don't agree with her at all, wanted to ask the GaG community their thoughts though. like okay I do get her point of view... but i dont think many people have the balls to hang with someone that broke their heart like she does

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To clarify, she's basically saying that she'd still support and hang with someone she cares about, regardless of whether her feelings grow stronger or not, because she cares about them. She feels that because im not doing that, that i dont care for her.


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  • I've been in this situation ones, but i didn't had the balls to cut off contact. And yes, it was impossible to get over her, it took me 1 year. So you are absolutly right in this case. Dont do what I did...

  • Hell no you weren't wrong at all. You have feelings too and want to get over them; she needs to respect that. That bitch sounds manipulative as hell and probably wants to use you to get over her ex. Leave her alone.