Are men at the mercy of women?

You can keep him from his child
You can dress his son like a girl
You can clean him out in every way
You can use the law against him
You can strip him from fatherly rights

  • now that you've mentioned it
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  • nah you guys are not
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  • as a feminist we will help you guys because we are about equality
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  • eno men are not at our mercy... otherwise we would killed you thousands of years ago.
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  • I will kind and try to show mercy
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  • not to one we love
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Most women want their children to have two parents and are not like that. The few should not represent the many.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The list is correct and there is much more, all due to Feminist lobbying during the past 60 years or so.
    A man who understood the current legal situation, as well as the statistics for divorce, custody, property settlements, false rape complaints, false sexual harassment complaints and false child molestation complaints, would come to a rational evidence-based decision that the risk/cost of interaction with females exceeded the potential benefit.
    The result is MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).


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What Girls Said 3

  • With some things yes, but please keep in mind that for every shady woman out their, there is an equally shady man. Some people man/woman just suck at the end of the day.

    • Some women keep him out the child's life and say hello a dead beat when she is keep the child away. then throw him in jail for child support. Mainly black men.

  • Those kinds of women sound like trash people. Only trash people would do those things to someone else. Just don't get involved with a trash person, and your life will turn out so much better.

    • but just the fact that you can is already too much.

    • @anonman32 There's plenty of bad things that men can do to women and all of those things the asker listed are some of them. They might not be common but they can still happen. To top it off men are bigger and stronger than women on average. If she pisses him off he can beat her to a pulp. If he wants to he could try to rape her and succeed. Men can walk out of a woman's life giving her no way to reach him. He can abandon his family. Men can do lots of things. And those things I've just listed are also things that women can do to men. The point is, trash people will be trash people and when it comes to doing bad, all people are capable of anything. You just have to find the right people who won't.

    • I guess thats true.

  • Am so sorry to see that you've been dumped.

    • He's clearly in pain how else would he know about what men face on a daily basis?

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    • @cchris989 anyways I feel you man...

    • Girl Am happily with my girl and we been going strong for 12 years my high school sweetheart. We been through storms but we come out stronger

What Guys Said 5

  • Only if he allows himself to be.

  • The few bad women out there shouldn't represent all women.

    • A 'few' bad women?
      I question how much experience you have dealing with females.
      Where I live (Australia), government statistics show that a quarter of the adult female population are on some type of prescription psychiatric medication.
      In plain language, there are a lot of crazy bitches out there.
      Fifty per cent of marriages end in divorce; 70 per cent of divorces are initiated by women; women are given custody of children in 90 per cent of cases, as well as the house and child-support orders.
      Being involved with a woman could be compared with playing Russian roulette with a revolver that had only two chambers.

    • @cth96190 I have sufficient dating experience. The divorce stats are valid, but they don't explain why the divorces occur. I don't live in fear of being played by a woman because I simply trust my own judgement. Any shadow of a doubt about a woman, and I wouldn't hesitate to halt things before the marriage takes place.

  • Weak men yes.

  • Nope lol

    • Dude... she can keep your child from you. then throw you in jail. she can lie to the judge to throw you in jail. ... this is reality kid... this is life

  • Technically yes

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