Girls' opinion on rebound relationships?

So this is just a thought I had. How many girls out there actually went down the road and hopped into a relationship right after being in a decent committed relationship without giving some self needed time being alone?

Reason I ask is this. My ex (whom I don't want to get back with but still have love for) is currently dating this guy who pretty much has little to no commonality with her. She's 23 he's in his mid 30's...shes more like a "city girl" and he's more like a ghetto guy. I saw them together the other day and she just looked like she was awkward being with him. I went up to her and said hi. She talked to me all nice and bright eyed but she said something to him sounding all down and depressed.

Again, how many girls have done this? Did it work out? Should I have went straight into one myself?


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  • all of mine never worked out.. but that doesn't mean it can't. I doesn't matter if they "look" wrong for each other.. she might really like him.. but I would just wait around.. most rebounds don't last.

    • Thats what I pretty much was figuring. Just for the fact that she talks highly of me still (which I hear personally), and has talked to me about her problems in life with family and friends and stuff...(not something she would necessarily say to some of her other friends) so I know she still trusts me and is comfortable with me. I mean I do hope that she's happy but it just seemed that she was awkward with him and that it was just "someone" instead of no one

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