Should I End Things With The Girl I'm Dating?

So I've been dating this girl for about 3 months. We live 2 hours apart. So we hadn't seen each other in two weeks and she said she would be in my city last weekend and she wanted to see me. I wanted to see her as well but I had a lot of work that I needed to get done before I had to leave the country that following Monday.

Despite telling her that I had a lot of work to do that weekend we still agreed to try and see each other on Saturday (she only gave me a heads up that she would be in my city the day before). I thought I could get all my work done before seeing her but couldn't so I sent her a text saying sorry but I might have to reschedule because of my work and that I still needed to get things done before leaving the country. She replied and said thanks for letting me know but don't worry about the reschedule.

I just got back to the country last night and she sent me a text saying she might have jumped the gun and sorry for her being snippy because she thought I was just flaking on her and that she should've given me the benefit of the doubt but that she understood that I had work to do and hoped that I had a safe flight back.

Here's the thing, I just started my own business two years ago and other girls in the past had issues with me doing my work so now I'm wondering if she's going to be like the others. Or cut her because she just reacted so quickly without believing me. Should I end things?


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  • I don't think you should end things. Don't cut her off because of what you THINK MIGHT happen from the patterns of other girls. She can't be held responsible for your past gfs actions, thats unfair. I also want to point out that she did apologize and she understands that you're busy and have work to attend to. I think you should stay with her. :)


What Guys Said 2

  • I would end things just because it just seems your not going to be able to put the time in to have a solid relationship with someone that also lives two hours away. I think you should end it or make even more casual because your new business needs to come first so it can succeed.

    • If he does that it means he's just not that into her. People who have full time jobs have long distance relationships all the time. Plus, two hours away isn't that far.

  • I'm not a big believer in LDR for reasons exactly like this. I say end it.