Girls, Give the Guys A Chance To Figure It Out?

Can you spot the difference?

I had these two conversations with two different guys. The first guy was on par and won my heart. The second guy's response wasn't good enough. Can you figure out why?

Me: What if we were married and you found your soulmate? What would you do?
Dustin: (Looks me straight in the eye) Nothing—why would I chase after her when I already have you?

Me: What if you met a chick that was super cute and you got along with better? What would you do?
Max*: (casually) I'd still stick with you.


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  • I think your issue is not with the answers but in the manner in which they were presented. First guy was direct and did it with conviction. Second guy was like "eh" essentially.

    I will say though if I'm married and I find someone who is 100% my soulmate why would I waste what's left of my life with someone who isn't?

    • It was more than the conviction... Max* never made me feel like I was good enough, and his response confirmed it.

      Dustin's answer confirmed what I hoped he felt: that he loved me for me, not simply what I could provide for him. I was not a wasted investment.

    • I always wanted Max* to comfort me and make me feel good enough... but I just never was, and his words confirmed it...

    • And as for the soul mate... Who's to say they are? Emotions are fickle. What if you left your partner, and 5 years later you realized they weren't really your soul mate... you just got tired of working for your relationship?

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