Should I try to stay in touch with this girl I meet during the summer once she leaves?

I had meet this interesting young woman at a restaurant I go to this summer , I've talked to her there and at another bar we both go to , a number of times and seem to get the feeling she liked me , but the summer is coming to an end and I'm pretty sure she had other plans come the fall and won't be around here and return to another city. I'm torn if I should try and keep in touch with her , with the internet there is options and if I got her number I could text her if I was in the city she's in and maybe we could hang out , but I don't know things seem to work here but might be a lot different somewhere else?


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  • I think it would be okay to keep in touch with her. Just tell her that you enjoy talking to her and how you want to keep in touch with her. Then ask her for her number. :) I know your worried that things may change or be different once she leaves but you never know until you try. :)

    • Thanks for MHO & hope everything went well with the girl. :)

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    • I was at the restaurant last night she isn't there anymore and I have no clue where she is , might see if I can find her online , since we talked a few times and knew each other it wouldn't be a big deal to try and add her?

    • Yeah, i don't see a problem with that. :)

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  • A man from Egypt had Found me on FB and we had Started a Whirl Wind Romance by Chance. I ended up Hopping aboard and going Abroad and on my Second trip back Over... We ended up Tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    I came back to the Stares and of course we had Continued our Marriage Online with Open Lines of Communication and Anything we could Find so We could be Together and be a Team to Make the Effort to Keep things Going and Flowing.
    Sadly though with the world being as Bad as it is Getting over in the Middle East, we are Estranged right now, so I have Not gone back.
    However, you Have a Chance, with Her probably only Being a Stone's Throw, with LDR, which to me, is a Piece of Cake.
    Make the Move and jump on it. Exchange Numbers and Work this out, should She want to Join your own Team.
    Good luck. xx

    • well its not that much distance maybe a couple hours away she'd be at another city

    • Oh, well, as I say, "Stone's throw" then and no big deal. xx

  • Of course. Get her number while you still can silly.


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