Even more confused now?

I like this girl she found out i liked her from a friend of mine she told my other friend that we were just friends she never brought the subject up to me. before she found out i was usually the one texting her and asking her to do stuff but now that she knows she is texting me more often calling me up talking about stuff to do in the future i asked her if she wanted to go to a concert two months away she said yes last Saturday we hung out for about 6 hours we went over to my grandmothers house to help with something and they hit it off she helped my elderly aunt out with something and said we'll come back this week to help you more when we were leaving she gave them both hugs and kisses on the cheeks when we got to the car she said when we come back we should cook dinner for them she has also been saying she's talked to her family and friends about me and she said she stalked my facebook and instagram when the night ended i was very surprised because she hugged me very tightly which she has never done before usually its a one armed hug for a second is it possible that now that she knows i like her she interested or what i definitely notice a change in her Attitude towards me also before she knew she would always talk about different guys she liked and her ex but now she never mentions anything.


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  • I think it might be possible that she is developing feelings for you. However, I might be misinterpreting stuff.


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  • Sounds like progress is being made. All you can do now is play this at the pace you feel is right. Give it sometime, a few more dates and ask her how she feels about you.

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