Would you go on a date with someone even if they're not your #1 choice?

So let's say you like this girl A. But girl
B asks you out who u kinda like but not nearly as much as girl A. Would you go out with girl B or wait in hopes for girl A. If that makes sense haha ✌🏻️

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Most Helpful Girl

  • If I'm looking for something serious, I keep my options open. I once made the mistake of focusing on one guy. Yes, I'm a very fair person. If a guy has the balls to ask me out on a date then I'll give him a chance. I've been on dates with guys that I wasn't even physically attracted to but I wanted to get to know more about their personalities and what they wanted from life. . . sadly they were boring and all they were after was a bit of how's yer father.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I believe in giving everyone a chance. It's not like she is asking me to marry her or anything, right off the bat. Besides, I may grow to like her, who knows? :)


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What Girls Said 1

  • No girl ever wants to be the second choice! If you like girl A just hope for her and don't hurt girl B


What Guys Said 3

  • Nah.

    If I am looking for something serious I tend to focus on one person.

  • i´d still go with girl B. cause if girl A rejects me, i still have girl B.

  • Of course I would.

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