Am I being a selfish girlfriend?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for over seven months. And there are things that have been bugging me. One: he hides aspects of our relationship from his family. Like he won't tell them we have plans or will not admit to staying over my house. Two: he doesn't publicly show that we are in a relationship. He won't take pictures with me. I ask him to and he says yes. But then he never wants to do it. There is nothing on Facebook or any social media that says otherwise. Three: he never wants to do anything with our families... he always wants it to be just us. Which is fine be cause I am sort of a private person and like the one on one company. however it just seems odd that he rarely wants anything to do with us as a couple and spending time with each other's family. Especially since he is family oriented and claims that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Four: e very time I try talking about these issues he becomes very emotional and cries and goes on and on about how whatever he does doesn't seem good enough and that he just wants to be happy with me.
I know he is not cheating on me because his family knows about me and I have met them on occasion like one or twice. So I am not the other woman. But I have noticed he doesn't like to include me in on his plans with his family. And so has my mom. My mom tried to say something to him but I told her not to be sure I didn't want to start anything.
I honestly don't know what to do? I talked to my mom and she says I have a bad habit of nitpicking little things and not letting them go. So am I being selfish or inconsiderate? Am I being a neglectful girlfriend?


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  • Simple... you're not "the one".

  • No that is strange that he doesn't want to be involved in family things or proud to show you off in pictures, it's like he is hiding the relationship for some reason


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  • i dont think he thinks of you as seriously as you think of him.

    • Like as a serious girlfriend? Or are you trying to say I'm over thinking?

    • i dont think he thinks of you as a serious girlfriend. i think you deserve a guy who puts in the effort and does all that for you