Younger guy has chased me for four years, is it a big difference?

a younger guy who is 4 years my junior has chased me for four years but i won't date him because i would feel old, i tend to date men over 40. he is perfect apart from his age, i know men date women half their age so why do i feel bad about 4 years, is 4 years a lot after your mid twenties? i'm 30 but get id'd a lot, people at my new job thought i was 18! and he's 26 but looks a lot older than i look. Is 4 years anything to a guy?


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  • Fours years in age difference is nothing when it comes to dating and relationships. You're both close in age plus he'll be able to keep up with you actively. It's a win win situation 😆


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  • There are guys out there who like older women and he seems to really like you. You should give him a chance if you really like him.

    • he says he only likes older, he's dated a 35 year old before when he was 23

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    • Thank you, you've made me feel better about it... so do you find some women at 35 more attractive than 23 year old girls and if so then why?

    • Honestly yes. I like the maturity, experience, compassion, confidence, understanding etc. Plus, not all 23 year olds look physically better than 35 year olds. I've seen a lot of women in they're 30s who are really sexy.

  • No, that's nothing. But its doubtful he has the money of a 40 year old man. So if you're a gold digger, that might not be good.

    • i've no interest in money, i like funny and loyal. all my ex's had less money than i did. the last guy was 43 and i was 29 yet i always had to borrow him money

    • You should probably start to get serious with one of them soon. At 30, The Wall is dead ahead.

    • you're an idiot and i never want children so why should i rush a relationship due to me just turning 30, idiot

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  • 4 years is nothing. don't let him get away you'll regret it