Attachment issues

I have a problem with getting attached to people too easily and it makes dating really hard. Even if I go out on just a couple of dates with a guy, I start to really like him, and then if things end up not working out, I get really really sad and miserable. And it's hard for me to move on. I know I shouldn't be feeling all emotional over a guy when we've only gone out on a few dates.

I don't usually ever let the guy know at all that I REALLY like him, cause I know that it would be really creepy to come on strong like that.

I guess my problem is that I care about people too much. Are there any tips on not getting attached to someone so easily? Because most of the time, these guys aren't even that great. Like if I really think about I'll realize the guy had flaws that really bothered me and it probably wouldn't have worked out in the long run. And sometimes I'm scared to go out on a date with someone because I don't want to start liking them and have things turn for a worse, and then end up sad again


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  • it's all gona be on you concerning that. its just the type of girl you are I guess. I've gone on 2-3 dates with a couple girls and then when I said I wasn't interested they told me that they can't live without me and that they are gona have to get anti depressant meds in order to cope with the loss. thing is I've never understood that because I'm not worth that much and frankly no guy on earth is worth that. what you need to do is understand that it didn't work out for a reason and you need to understand that if you went on less than 5 dates with a guy then he really doesn't know you that well. so don't beat yourself up about it but the only way you can not be attached to a guy is if you understand that there are a lot of guys out there in the world and probably 95% of em aren't worth how much ur getin attached to em.

  • I have the same problem I get really attached after the 1st or 2nd month. My advice is not make your boyfriend you whole entire life. go out with friends


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