Girls, I am 25 autistic, single and never dated and I don't care anymore since I all but lost hope of ever dating, any advice?

I am over 25 I am single and never dated, most likely because I have autism and I tend to be a little bit socially awkward.

I am afraid of approaching girls, because I'm afraid of what they will think of me, especially because when I was in school I was severely bullied by everybody, almost to the point of suicide.

I honestly think I will die never having been in a relationship.

Because I have autism I live in a supported apartment which is staffed 24/7 and I am not allowed to go unsupervised on dating sites, which means I have no option for dating

One attribute of my social awkwardness is that I'm too friendly to everybody.

Also, I try to wear the most modern clothes and obsess over how I appear.

I am losing hope fast!


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  • u had me at autistic

  • You'll never get my jokes