I'm really awkward around crushes?

I have this problem where I get really awkward around crushes, like I'm really confident around other girls and guys I can be playful and normal but when I'm with/around my crush I tend to be really shy (and scared) causing me to act awkward and I feel that puts off girls I like as I end up being very boring. What can I do? Do girls like awkward guys?


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  • You can't help your awkwardness, and you shouldn't change yourself for girls. If she really likes you she'll accept it! Also everyone has different preferences, some girls like the awkward guys and some don't.


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  • Honestly, girls think being shy is cute... just make sure you smile at her. ;)

  • Hey man, we've all been there. Don't panic many people with crushes tend to be a little awkward and suffer a little foot and mouth every now and then. They key to the start of the relationship is if you choose to let "That one time" consume you or brush it off and bounce back ^-^

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    • Np dude X)

      Oh, well between actual phone calls to the person you like and Skype those are awkward moment breeding machines. I have never been in a long distance relationship so I cannot give much advice on the subject, but if you two really genuinely want this relationship? Then keep pushing through these awkward moments and get to the ooey gooey center that is that love! (As you can see I am hungry and would really like a chocolate bar right now, but you get the point ! Hope this helps and I wish the best of luck to you two :)

    • Thanks that was really helpful ☺️

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