When you keep looking for Mr Right, you will become Ms Left?

The 20/80 rule applies in a lot of things. For men, there's a belief that 20% of them get 80% of all the sex. Basically most women only go for the top 20% of men based on physiques, social status and wealth.

However it puzzles me about what makes some of these women think that they will get men of that calibre when they are probably not in the top 20% material in the dating pool.

A lot of women want men to earn more, be taller, be more successful, be more funny who can make them laugh, more intelligent, more social than they are. In some cases, more physically beautiful than the woman. Guys get rejected for having flaws in any of the above area. To be the top 20%, it almost means he has to be flawless.

If we can quantify physiques, intelligence, social status and wealth into stat points, a lot of these women don't even measure up to the type of guys they are after.

If a guy exhibits a lot if not all the above traits in your eyes ladies, then he probably is better than you and you don't measure up. Why would someone like him find you intriguing and want to be with you for long? He would be after the top 20% of the women pool.

It just confuses me why some women would bother freezing their eggs, I mean why is it so hard for some of you to find the right guy when there are plenty of good guys around. They may have not have strengths in all the points mentioned that are relevant to you, but surely most would have other qualities. So why be so picky, especially when you are not flawless yourself?

Being able to pay the ridiculous fees for egg freezing implies these women have reached a certain level of financial success on their own. They are probably highly educated.

If the believe is that the top 20% men don't like top 20% women because they are too dominant, then this implies that these same women could have found a guy more established then they were before they got to the top too. Please educate me what the excuse is?

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Just curious do plus size women swipe right on plus size guys on tinder? Or they are also only after that gym fit guy or skinny pretty boy


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  • Because a lot of women would rather be single than be with a man that doesn't meet their standards.

    • But are these women attractive (overall) enough to be holding these standards? If they are top 50% why not go for top 50% guy or even top 40% someone slightly better than they are?

    • Becuase like I said they would rather be single than be with a man that doesn't meet their standards. It doesn't matter if she's attractive enough to get a man like that or not. If she can't get a guy like that she's rather stay single than be with a guy she can actually get.

    • So the bottom pile men are doomed.

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  • "However it puzzles me about what makes some of these women think that they will get men of that calibre" - ehm they don't, otherwise no one would ever get married and yet but apparently 75% of millennials are getting married

    I also think that a lot of things that used to be the norm are now too much ask. Like men wanting a family and not only when they're 40. Men having ambition in their career, dressing well, being polite, not spending hours playing games or watching porn. Those used to be normal. If you complain about a guy wearing jeans and t shirts everyday, you're being a demanding bitch. Well love there used to be a time where men had to put on a three piece suit and a hat just to bring out the garbage
    So it's like women still want those things and it used to be everyone had them, but now it's just the top 20% or 30% or whatever number you want to make up


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  • How hard do you think is getting to the top 20%?

    • I can't say for everyone, but at work I have women chasing me. I am 28 and they are 35. I am flattered because they earn more than me, are my seniors although they are not my boss, they are intelligent, they are also decent looking. But it makes me think, surely there are guys in that age category surely there are men more successful and just as attractive if not more attractive than me. Why do these women think I might be interested to date them? I think they are after long term relationships, they are the introverted good girl type.

      Mean while I have friends who are single and invisible to women in general, who I see them as more successful high value intellectuals, who earn more than me.

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    • I understand it very well. That's why I think an organisation should be plain by design, and the best managers are the managers of one. You make information visible to people and you let decide themselves.


    • Agreed.