Girls, what is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting/greeting/getting to know a guy?

This is purely on a first impression/visual basis. On what makes or breaks the deal for you!
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

  • Hair
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  • Teeth/smile
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  • Body/attractiveness
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  • Facial hair
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  • Hands
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  • Style/clothes
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  • A bit of everything of the above listed
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  • Attractiveness and then style get a quick once over then I'm focused on how he answers questions and his actions that follow. We're talking but I'm looking for yellow and red flags and answering questions to get a bigger picture about who and what this guy is. I'm mostly trying to figure out if he's a creep, is he normal, is he a psycho, am I going to be alive at the end of this date? Stuff like that.


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  • al of the above... AND hygiene. hygiene is super important for me. he can b sexy as hell with a nice body and great wardrobe. but if he smells or has bad teeth YUCK! instant turn off.

  • Probably his style, then his attractiveness, but his hair and teeth are important... I want to see that he's healthy and can take care of himself.

  • A bit of everything, but teeth, eyes and hair - definitely.