How do I make sure us hanging out doesn't turn into a date?

I asked this kid to hamg out on Wednesday, but I know he likes me, I just wanna be friends though. We are gunna go to the movies and I thought we were fine but then he asked me what time he should be pick me up and then I realized he probs thinks this is a date. So I told him I would just meet him there but like I really really really do not want this to be a date. He's a nice person but I am just not attracted to him. How can I make sure he knows that we are just friends?


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  • avoid getting kissed (especially at good bye)


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  • you can make it a point to bring it up, so he doesn't get any ideas. don't hold his hand or anything like that. dont let him pay for u.


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  • No meals together (just get coffee or something), no get togethers later than 2 or 3 pm, pay for yourself.

  • if you let him do anything chivalrous for you then that is simulating a date. if he likes you THAT much to the point his feelings may get hurt, you may need to spend some time apart because some guys just don't get the word no lol (from experience)