How to tell if a guy likes you but he never texts you?

So I've dated this boy in 7th grade for a month and ever since then we had gotten really close and is been 5 years later ( we are seniors now) and we've had a strong bond that literally no one can break. Even when he had other girlfriends he still would flirt with me and all his friends would tell me he was in love with me and he has always had feelings for me and he's told me that he loved me 3 times before and he would walk me to my bus sometime and he has always been there for me and he calls me beautiful and he hasn't called any other girl that he's only called them fine or sexy. But the problem is he never texts me and I don't like that and he says he would want a serious relationship with me but too many girls want him so I don't know if he likes me fr or not. What do I do?
I'm scared that i might have a chance with him but I don't know for sure and after we graduate I might not see him ever again in life and I really have feelings for him.


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  • You can't be able to tell unless he admits it openly.

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